Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Plague of the 1300's; by James Arjuna

It took the plague of the 1300's before people decided to read the rules for heath as spelled out in the ancient scriptures. We cleaned up a lot of diseases by doing that but they went too far "maybe" by killing people who had, bestiality, anal sex,  incest or adulterers. The best way to stop fetal mutations according to the CDC is to abstain from sex, or the only other option is a monogamous relationship with a non infected person. Basically, to respect the reproductive process and honor each other as humans not something to be used by each other and then thrown out.

That is exactly what the Bible and all ancient scriptures teach.

I wonder how many dead babies we have to endure before someone realizes we are on the wrong path by allowing genetic suicide in the name of "political correctness"?

I don't think it is humanly possible to stop this process of genetic suicide.

I have studied many personal cases of these genetic diseases and the suffering the baby goes through and what the parents have to endure just to get a few years of life for their child. It is very difficult to study this because, unless you are a heartless bastard, it must to have an effect on you.

The fastest rising death rate recently is in the 0 to 4 years old (that's if they live to be born). It is up by 4% in one year.

30% of wanted pregnancies in the USA end in fetal death and miscarriage from fetal mutations or diseases passed to the fetus.

Is this what you people really want, by selling this sick religion to your children?

They have absolutely no moral compass to protect their babies. Human "experts" claim there is no cause to our genetic death of humanity.  That is because they never look at real causes.

In Australia if a girl doesn't "give out sex" she is peer pressured and called a religious prude and not worthy of being acceptable as a human. The highest number of Chlamydia cases (and all STD's) are in young girls and women ages 14 to 24. This is because of the nature of the vagina and how you need to limit the pathogens you allow in it. Warm moist places with bacterial foods (like human tissue in the vagina) is where doctors cultivate pathogens in the lab as well.

Australia has 400% rise in Chlamydia in 10 years and a 229% rise in cancer cases in 25 years. Chlamydia is the perfect breeding ground of fetal mutations. Because it is not detectable for some years.

"We don't believe in making young girls and women into sluts and whores as being a "good" thing. We believe that women should be honored as the mothers of the future rather than the incubators of fetal mutants." JA

We can see in our DNA some 98,000 ERV's, which ARE remnants of germ line viral infections. This history of our suicide is right there easy to see.  Every time there is infected reproduction we pass on viral infections to our foundational reproductive cells. Virus enter these cells and destroy the original coding, mutate us and cause further damage to our DNA that is at the foundation of our life.

Every single of these 98,000 ERV's represent a viral infection at the germ line level of human reproduction. Germ line mutations are destroying humanity from the inside. We are destroying ourselves and all future human life, from the inside with these infections. The cause is our bad habits of spreading diseases by contact with people who have them. Not only that we give our to them and they share theirs with us. The most common way this takes place is by kissing, sexual contact, oral sex, Sharing food, or drink directly after an infected person eats.

The only way to stop this process it to stop the activities causing our genetic suicide.