Monday, December 16, 2013

What Is Really Going On In The World? by James Arjuna

I want to thank you for your persistence. I appears that you are asking these questions because you are looking for reassurance that you are on the side of "good" and "science" etc.

Looking for the same type  of support you have used in the past to validate your "science" or religion. 

You are helping me to write my blogs so I can help others in your position to get free. 

All of your arguments are all about your needs and weaknesses. One can understand what controls people by their arguments. People's weaknesses are glaring in their arguments.
 About James Arjuna: 
I am nobody, nothing, I profess to be nothing. 
Other people call me the "teacher's teacher".
It just means that I do this because of how I am, not because I want to do this or need to do this, or make any money from this. In other words I don't do this for any reason other than what I call compassion for people's suffering condition. 

I would never want to be anything in this sick system of this world.  Politicians kill people, therefore I never support any political position.
If you need to be someone, it means you have to be propped up in order to feel OK or good  about yourself.  Your income, is your measure of your worth.  

*If you need prestige and praise, you are mentally ill*. It is a disease to need to be supported because of your internal weaknesses. Needing others to praise you is a weakness and sickness that seems to have no cure and people think it is normal or even worse “good” to be so needy.

Being free means you need nothing, want nothing and are nothing to this world of delusions and suffering. You are free and content satisfied, and full of love.

A seeker of the Truth doesn't participate in this system of evil degradation. ( or as George Carlin states the "freak show".)

It is a sign of weakness to succumb to authority and accept the HEMG they teach you for the puny rewards and accolades you get. The system is clearly shown in my videos. 

All need to understand this principle of how the system uses weak people, props them up and uses them to support a political/economic/religious agenda. They brainwash students and offer "prizes" for caving in and becoming a good lemming, student, teacher, preacher, politician etc. They brainwash into thinking students are actually on the side of "good" or "right" or in religion "saved". They surround you,with "like minded" weaklings, members of the cult and do everything they can to keep you from falling out of their "grace".

Then you hear and see praises on the TV news about "scientists" and crap like they are some sort of gods. They are idiots controlled by mass hysteria and groping in the dark on subjects that really matter to the survival of mankind. 

The stupid people run the universities and the government now and they are so stupid now, it is almost funny the political religious bullshit they have. (Save the whale, but spread STD's like whores and whore mongers. Destroy all the future lives of humans with fetal mutations. )

In the mean time we can see the rapid decay with diseases and illiteracy all over, and you cannot tie the data together because most academics are extremely fearful of the truth about themselves.

To be a "professor" means you are weak and stupid.  You caved in to political garbage in order to get propped up by your screwed up society; paycheck, and to be called "doctor".

It is that fear that trapped you in the first place, and it is that fear that owns you now. 

A person who only seeks Truth never joins any groups of greedy needy humans, never seeks to be recognized, never wants to be anything. Yet their needs are always taken care of and they just want the human emotional mental garbage, the cause of suffering to be removed.

The less fear you have the less it limits you, in all ways. You are in a system that feeds you just enough crumbs to keep you under control and uses your fear of loss, imprisonment, etc, to own you. It is well established what professors are and how to control them to fit the established political agenda.

A person who seeks the Truth only does that which follows absolutely irrefutable physical evidence. They are never concerned with "magical" ideas without evidence. The magical ideas people seem to like, sound like some safe ideology that fits with human weaknesses. 

To have a Nobel prize to me is a degradation. I do not want any association with mass murderers (creating more ways to kill), and people who produce poison drugs, or those who work for big pharma, or any of these evil industries. Hitler got a Nobel Peace Prize, for crying out loud!

As Einstein put it: "Technological progress is like an ax in the hands of a pathological criminal."

Most of the uses for science is to kill people and to gain political power. That is why academia is controlled by the politicians of the time. With a history of murder and selling poisons as patented drugs, why would anybody ever listen to academia?

I am very happy that I never fell for the human weaknesses of being needy and wanting anything from this world. I learned from my parents and from observation that humans are screwed up and you should never follow any of their screwed up agendas.

Desires are a disease. Lust is a disease, Greed is a disease, Hate is a disease, Most religions support mental illnesses and fantasy as does Evodelusionism.  Religion has been the control mechanism for a long time. Now it is not "politically correct" and the "new agenda" needs a scapegoat to hide reality from the lemmings.  The Church has always been the control mechanism to get you to go and kill other Christians for "god and country".

There is only one true Christian congregation and the clue is they will go to prison rather than to go against God's teaching. 

True science is a way to find the Truth. Believing in fairy tales of magical processes and mystical causes is nonsense. It is the foundation of the religion of Evodelusionism. 

Being accredited by a university supported by evil is not something to be proud of. It is something to avoid, if you really want freedom, contentment, joy for life, satisfaction and peace, knowing that you did not harm others.

If you support or teach any of the political agendas of your politicians you are blood guilty of committing "sins" against life. 

As soon as someone tells me they have a degree in one of the fake sciences like paleontology, biology, and genetics, I question their sanity and ask them questions to see if they got through that mess of delusional crap, and not believed the fantasy nonsense. Most don't make it.  This is, in itself, evidence of the degradation of humans to be so easy to fall for nonsense out of fear. 

You can learn all that humans have to offer and NOT take on the HEMG beliefs if and only if you are prepared and understand how to learn without succumbing to (protecting yourself from) delusional garbage.

In my videos I talk about this.

And on this page of the realty science blog on Evodelusionism religion being pawned off as "science".

Ignorance of what I teach is a problem for most people in academia today. The schools are chock full of political agendas to the point of cracking as we can see from the high numbers of functionally illiterate people in the USA and other countries. Germany has 7% completely illiterate people who got through their school system. The USA has 14% functionally illiterate, can't read nor write. And 21% cant read above 5th grade.

Why are you part of this rotten system of political control for greed?  

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wheat Grass and Science? What Gives?

There is a strong movement to eat wheat grass and use extraction methods to get the nutrients out because it is missing from our diet that we used to get from nature and our, now extinct, enzymes that would extract it in the past.

It is said that it improves blood and immune system and aids in the fight against cancer.

The wheat seeds are sprouted and when the grass is about 3 to 4 inches it is harvested then put in an extractor. The only way to use it is from fresh wheat grass and not from pills.



Since wheat grass is opposed to the medical industry's stranglehold on human "health", and they promotes such idiotic ideas that cancer is caused by nothing, that it is magical and they have no answers as to the rapid rise in cancer, that sheds serious doubts about their so called knowledge and what is their real motives.

When the medical industry is asked as to why there is a shorter lifespan now for women in the USA, they simple say, "We really don't know."

When asked about the extreme rise in leukemia in children, same answer; "We don't know the cause."

When the corporations are in control and money is the ruler of the "ruling" class of elites, this is the sort of crap you get. They can never "bite the hand that feeds them". If they were to say that social liberalism anti morals is bad, they would lose their jobs.
The USA is not allowed to teach any morals at all. Any teacher who would teach that it is against human nature (God's Laws on how we were made) to defile your body with STD's; that teacher would be fired.

When someone like me does extremely detailed research we can easily see the rise of cancer is directly related to the rise of fetal mutations. There are some 400,000 papers on the genetics of cancer alone. Cancer is a genetic disease and it is caused by deleterious mutations. The rapid rise of cancer is directly related to the drastic rise of STD's and diseased parents having viral infections at the time of conception.

There is only ONE WAY most all of these genetic diseases are caused from permanent germ line level mutations and that is from diseased parents having diseased babies.

"Fetal mutations are "germ line" mutations that cause permanent damage to the human genome. If it lives to reproduce you have more and more genetic diseases.

"The only mutations that matter to large-scale evolution are those that can be passed on to offspring. These occur in reproductive cells like eggs and sperm and are called germ line mutations. " UC Berkeley

Fetal mutations are 99% caused by viral infectious diseases at the time of conception.

"Mutation is a change in DNA, the hereditary material of life. An organism's DNA affects how it looks, how it behaves, and its physiology - all aspects of its life. So a change in an organism's DNA can cause changes in all aspects of its life." UC Berkeley.

The only measurement of evolution is at the molecular level, in DNA. All the other ridiculous beliefs projected on evidence is crap pseudo science.

Natural Selection destroys life.  Evotards think that you can crash your car into a tree, then if you crash it into another tree it will fix itself by the Evotard's imaginary fairy of positive selection. Eventually, if you smash the car enough it will get more advance and more complex. The more times you wreck it the more chances it will evolve into a truck. This is exactly how retarded their thinking process is.

It is far easier to "educate" a stupid person who cannot think for themselves. All the Evotards I have had discussions with very few even have the ability to think outside the tiny box of faith and belief in their "Education" (their religion from politicians and big business). They just all sound like parrots of ignorance and most do not know how to produce an original thought, much less even think there is such a thing as an original thought.

"What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right."
¯ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chimpanzee and Human "Evolution".

 All of the evidence from Chimpanzees and Human studies only shows genetic degradation. The fusion of a chromosome is not a "good thing".   It is absolutely irrefutable physical evidence of a genetic defect.

The chimpanzee is nearly extinct. It has all the same diseases as humans or the primate version, has some estimated 160,000 deleterious mutations, can't live past 30 years in the wild with an average age of 15; has trouble reproducing and estimated 600 of them left in the wild. The rest are in guarded compounds.

Humans have some 100,000 clearly understood deleterious mutations and on average each human has 1000 deleterious mutations.

We gain an average of 20 deleterious mutations per generation. That seems to be rather "optimistic", considering the rapid rise of genetic diseases.

There is only genetic degradation shown in evidence. The chimp is not representative of a lower condition waiting to evolve into something better. It is perfect evidence of the path that humans are on of genetic suicide. Humans are not capable of managing health. They like spreading diseases and they seem to have no concern for the future of humanity.

Chimpanzees are clearly and OBVIOUSLY a message to us where we are heading.

At the present rate of mutations humans will for certain be extinct in less than 200 years. But with the fact that we cannot live without technology and the medical industry, as soon as our brain function drops just a little (not much left ) we will shorten the time because we will not be able to understand how to use technology at all. So, we may not last even 100 years.

Understanding technology enough to keep it going, and not even to advance it is needed for survival. I don't think that level of intelligence is going to last very long. We have pandemic mental illnesses, and 1 in 42 boys born with autism. 40% of high school seniors cannot read nor write and cannot do simple math.

The chimpanzee's first loss that limited them was intelligence and they only survive because they have strength and teeth left to eat and kill with.

You are either on the side of the truth, life, health (preserving what is left of human correctly coding genes), joy for living, or on the side of continued rapid destruction (from diseases) of the human species from mutations.

There is no gray area.
There is absolutely no evidence of any form of evolution showing any possibility of improvements.
Here is all the evidence we actually have on human degeneration:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Meat and Health. by James Arjuna

We know from genetics that we have common cells to pigs, chickens, rats, cows, chimps, monkeys, (and other animals) and that a human virus can be transmitted from those animals into humans and from humans into the hosts cells of those animals.

When we "share" viruses with animals by increasing the odds, by cultivating them for "food", we are just asking for pandemics. Every medical student knows this. Yet the meat lobby who make billions of dollars off the sale of meat control what "science" is allowed to tell people. And the medical doctors instead of curing the problem are supposed to just deal with it.  Maybe they just like having more sick people to come to their place of work, also called "customers". The more customers the more validated they become.

In the mean time it is well known that people who don't eat meat live longer and have healthier lives NO MATTER HOW SCREWED UP THEIR GENETICS IS. Meat is a trigger for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many of the autoimmune diseases we have given to ourselves by ignorance. Nearly 100% of people now have these bad genes and all would do well to avoid high quantity meat diets. .

Science's  goal is not creating but not doing anything to stop this madness. We know all this, but do you hear any scientists,  MD's, geneticists, biologists, any of those who are supposed to be the "educated ones" are not doing anything to stop the madness.

I used to work for the company who printed "Runners' World" magazine. They published a book back in 1972 showing studies going back to 1915 on vegetarian runners vs meat eaters and how poorly the meat eaters did..They showed from statistical studies,  how poorly they healed from muscle and tendon strain and how much more stamina the vegetarians had.
Since then I have read many hundreds of articles on medical problems associated with meat. This is not a new knowledge, but it is one that is not studied because of the meat lobby and the meat addiction many MD's, scientists, geneticists, biologists have.

People are compulsive and NOT rational. Science means nothing if it doesn't support their suicidal compulsions and validates them. If you want to get elected you must promote immorality and disgusting behavior as not only "acceptable" but to be elevated to "good".

Eating meat, spreading STD's, anal sex seem to be compulsions that are scientifically proven beyond all doubts and known to be killing people, but who cares? The medical doctors are not allowed to even talk about this. It is politically incorrect.          

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Morals Are Not Allowed To Be Taught!

Here is how the religion of Evodelusionism works.   We know that science is supposed to be the new religion and Evodelusionism is used as anti-God and anti morality, so we can see the rapid degradation of the USA in education, economics and diseases.   Every area of the modern USA is degraded because of lack of moral "fiber" of our citizens.

Evodelusionism promotes women and men to be sluts. We have TV shows with woman stating "made by whores and proud of it." on a prime time sitcom. What sort of message is that for our children?
If you are not a slut and having sex by 13 you will be ridiculed by your peers.
Consider the numbers of new diseases we have gained with social liberalism and immorality.
Young children are being dressed up as sluts to get them ready for their future as sex objects.  Teaching people that being sex objects is the most important thing is not the way to liberate women.  It is how men like women to be when men are "pigs".   Get it?

Being in charge of your sexuality as a fertile woman means being responsible to the children. Consider that according to medical science it is impossible to have sex and not share diseases with someone.  The more diseases you catch, the more you are putting diseased cells on your children before they are born.

There has been a 200% rise in STD's in the US in 10 years with all your Evotards efforts to educate on disease; it doesn't work. 110,000,000 cases of STD's and up 20,000,000 from last year.  Something like 1 in 3 people have and STD right now and rising.  The US is "proud" of this?

Young ignorant teenage boys, girls women and the horrible education system that has failed completely is not going to promote any sort of moral behavior, because IT CAN'T.  It is now against the law (in case you didn't know) to teach ethical  morals and moral social standards to our children!  However, schools are required in the most liberal states to teach pre pubescents every sort of sex act there is that is now "legal".

The number one rising "faith" is atheism and the number one disease is HPV and second is Chlamydia.  There are about 30 recognized STD's and there are other STD's that are not recognized but are "normal viral infections" that cause 1 in 10 babies to be born with  some severe genetic defect.  We are literally destroying any possible health of the US in the future with this lack of moral education.

Schools are NOT ALLOWED to teach any moral behavior. It is now against the law for them to teach that it is "forbidden, by every recognized religion" that has ever existed, to spread sexually transmitted diseases. Basically it is forbidden by God to spread STD's. Period! It is destructive to the entire species of humanity to destroy our genomes that way.

Moral behavior is "religious" and therefore cannot be taught in schools. Instead they teach sexual techniques, gay sex and masturbation and talk vaguely about STD's and getting tested. You must teach your children that anything goes now. You must have total acceptance of all forms of sexual perversion (anything besides sexual fidelity and having children as the goal of sex) and you cannot talk about what I teach.

This is the only True morality
Absolutely Morality is based only on this:

Good: That which promotes truth, real knowledge, life, health, freedom and joy for living.

Evil: That which promotes intolerance of good morals,  ignorance, diseases, suffering, fear and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more diseased babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs.

"Man must choose either of two courses, the upward or the downward;
but as he has the brute in him, he will more easily choose the downward
course than the upward; especially when the downward course is presented to him
in such beautiful garb.

Man easily capitulates when sin is presented in the garb of virtue."
Mahatma Gandhi

Isaiah 5:20
Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character."

"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds."

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."
Albert Einstein

Education does not work. That is why in the old days anyone caught spreading diseases was killed. There was no way to deal with it other than that.  After the plague killed half the population of Europe (50,000,000 people) the kings decided that morality was a good idea.  They went nuts with this. The aftershock was also disgusting.   They took homosexuals and put them on posts in the streets for all to see them suffer and die. They put whores in the public square and they were beaten in public and other nice things.  Basically, they were tired of the plague that they believed "sin" brought down on them.....and they were sort of  right, even though they had no microbiology at the time.

Now if you complain about someone putting their penis in feces, you are considered politically incorrect! There is something wrong with you if you find that disgusting.  I can't think of anything more vile and disgusting than human shit. I think cat shit is a close second.

 I can't imagine any reason to put one's penis in human feces unless you are mentally ill.  It is a sign that sexual perversion compulsions control your mind and I don't think anyone who does this could disagree with that statement.  However, now the "education" system teaches that this behavior is normal and we should accept it no matter how disgusting it is to us personally, mentally and rationally.

Now we are teaching this sodomy in school to 10 - 14 year old children as a "good thing" to do. Medically, it is known to cause anal warts, anal cancer, and incontinence from the anal tissue ripped to shreds. It puts billions of e-coli bacteria, fungus and parasites on the penis and that can't be good!

"The obvious isn't obvious until it is obvious."

From every science book on biology, human diseases, medical science I have read, it is clear and obvious that the Bible and the Yogic Yamas and Niyamas are all about keeping the genome of humans in good condition, and nothing else in the moral rules for life found there. What's good for health is also good for the spirit.

I have never found anything "hateful" about science and the fact that science clearly shows that sex outside of a clean marriage is the only way to preserve what's left of our humanity.  There are no cures once a baby is mutated. It is permanent and can only be bred out by finding clean and healthy mates.  The problem is we are running out of clean healthy people and there really is no hope for humanity under human compulsion controls on society.

Evotards are perverts who perverts science into a political religion based on faith, and teachers are paid shills for the religion of Evodelusionism.  Evodelusionism is the religion of atheists, politicians, whores, sex addicts, sex industry, socialists, liberals, criminals, perverts, pedophiles, sex trade,  drug pushers, bankers, Monsanto, BP etc, and big pharma (just loves this religion), the medical industry, and all the polluters. Don't forget the pope and the priests and preachers (Jimmy Swaggart comes to mind and pediphile priests.) who make concessions in dogma of purity for the sake of money. If I left your particular disease or greedy addiction off the list I apologize.          

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scientific Data On The US Education System

Scientific Data on the Education System:

Please consider this video on leaning how to learn.

The USA is a prime example of the education system gone wrong. 

Percent of U.S. adults who can’t read
14 %
Number of U.S. adults who can’t read
32 Million
Percent of U.S. adults who read below a 5th grade level
21 %
Percent of prison inmates who can’t read
63 %
Percent of high school graduates who can’t read
19 %

 Consider this.  It is the law that a child in the USA must go to school and stay in school until 16 years old.  
How is it possible for every child being required by law to go to school and we have such a horrible set of statistics?  

So, the education system invalidates itself from these statistics.  It is not all worthless  but if they don't know how to teach someone to read and write, there is something really wrong with the methods. Or we are breeding morons who cannot learn, and that is a very strong possibility. 

You can see a strong correlation directly implied  to crime and people who can't read as well. 

What your teacher is trying to imply is that you should not be allowed to think outside of academia for some information as it may not fit the beliefs, methods and criteria they have established.  

I teach people to think for themselves and to study all facets of any subject from any place you can find information. Then verify that information for yourself and don't just accept authority  especially when that "authority" seems to be grossly failing to teach.

Consider that it is not just the teachers fault, but its a failing system, and if we keep going in this same direction it will continue to get worse. This is obvious.

I am sure teachers don't start out with the idea of failing to teach but the system used is not working. They are trying to do their best and I am assured of that.  You cannot just blame the teachers.   

The USA is now #28 in science in testing of college graduates even with PhD's.  

In 1969 USA engineers put man on the moon using slide rules and rudimentary computers.   This was done in the old fashioned engineering methods of design then testing and improve design then more testing. 

Now all physics and latest studies on physics and experiments are performed in Europe.

I think that we should reevaluate the teaching methods used back in the 1950's and 1960's when the USA was the top of all technology and do some testing on those methods. 

If you are a teacher, why would you disagree with this?  Do you not want to get to the bottom of this problem and seek solutions? 

I can remember going to school with students who were held back as much as 3 years because they simply did not get passing grades.  And we would have some really tall people in the classroom in 8th grade who were shaving.  I think the peer pressure and humiliation motivated them to get passing grades and some took summer school in order to catch up to their age group.  

Do they do this any more?