Tuesday, November 3, 2015



It is very simple.  Greed and lust for power and money is a human disease. Those who have this disease inherited from their ancestors who had the same disease and passed it on to them.

It is a compulsive disease of weak modern degraded humans.

It does not matter who is in power, they will only concern themselves with maintaining that power. Power is an inherited degraded disease.

No human government has ever succeeded to overcome this human disease.  It is why we are fast approaching extincion unless God does what He promises.

The people who tell you they are for saving the planet, protecting the environment, and saving life on earth..ARE the ones who are destroying it.

One example is those disgusting wind generators and the sales pitch used on scientifically ignorant people.

All of the coal burning in the USA for a year (which is beneficial to life on earth proven by scientific studies) is not equal to the CO2 and toxic fumes put out by one forest fire in Africa or South America.

It is well known that these gases from burning organic matter, (like coal, which is organic matter turned to coal by pressure),  restores the forest by killing off fungus, killing off diseased plants, and allowing new growth. Then the rain drops the fertilizer from the air back on the earth to fertilize new plants.
The CO2 levels are way below where they were 10,000 years ago, when plants were flourishing.  Now according to farmers and botanists we need more CO2. (Pot growers know this and the pump in CO2 gas into their grow rooms.)
Even the head of the Greenpeace says we need more CO2 for plants and plankton.

The laws in the USA do not allow for new ownership of existing businesses, simply by stealing them. So when the Democrats took office they wanted to make some money. To increase their power.   The simplest way to make money is to create a new business and then convince the uneducated and poorly educated that there is some sort of environmental crisis caused by these evil coal burners.

Now we have a new business with all the owners being liberal socialist and communists, called wind generators and environmental industries.

Wind generators are horrible for the environment.  They destroy natural habitat for wildlife, Animals cannot sleep anywhere near them, and they kill birds by the millions, including the national bird the bald eagle. If I were to shoot a bald eagle it is $10,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison.  Yet these killing machines are allowed to do this with no fines and no punishment, because the government politicians and criminal socialists are making huge piles of money and the government is subsidizing this fraud.

It is engineering and science wise, completely stupid.  It is the most uneconomical/ most costly way to make electricity.  And they destroy the environment and take up precious habitat for wildlife.

Now when these ugly atrocities of engineering are broken, they are not sustainable.   By that time the greedy people will have their money and who gives a shit about the future.
These are machines that will break down and they will break down at a much more rapid rate than a single coal steam turbine will.
There will be millions of them sitting there doing nothing but killing birds. They are not sustainable by any economic structure.

And when a coal turbine breaks down it takes about on day to get it back running. And they have back ups.

They are also made of toxic chemicals, fiberglass and resins and use a hell of a lot more resources per KWH than a single coal powered generator.

Evil, greedy, lies are totally in control of the human populations.  These people have created a pandemic of STD's in the USA, are destroying the environment and destroying the economy all for the sake of short term riches.

Using people's emotions to sell garbage technology is disgusting.

It is like the snake oil sales people of the past.

The only thing good about this phenomenon is that it proves that the average person loves the earth and wants it to be "healthy".  They have no idea that what they support is actually destroying life.

Here is a video put out by NOVA that was a Liberal Communist mistake, because it clearly shows how beneficial burning organic matter is for life on the earth.