Friday, January 27, 2017



Scientific FACTS.

"He has calculated a better estimate by using the volume of a barrel (42 US gallons, or 0.16 cubic metres) and a crude oil density of 0.9 tonnes per cubic metre. ODAC's 944 billion barrels is thus the equivalent of 135 billion tonnes."  --John Jones in the School of Engineering, at the University of Aberdeen, UK, 

This is the closest estimate to the total number of of barrels of crude oil have been pumped, burned and used, so far since 1850.

Let me ask you a simple question:

Where is all this horrible destruction to life on the planet from oil?

Why does smog not just hover over the entire planet?

Why are we not chocking to death over the entire planet, and why are we not frying from the sun?

I mean 944 Billion barrels of oil and still we have no smog remaining from it??? Isn't that the conclusion that we are already dead from the sun burning us to death and chocking on smog?

The REALITY is OIL, COAL, NATURAL GAS are all  NATURAL from ORGANIC matter found under the earth and  pressure over time simply turns it into OIL, chunks of coal, and expelled as natural gas.  .

And the EARTH was DESIGNED to process all organic matter and return it to make LIFE. Science now knows much of this process of recycling so called, toxic, chemicals.

The liberal greedy socialist would have you believe toxic chemicals remain forever.

Plants on this earth were made to take care of all poisons in the air and to make them usable to organic life again. This is how it is done.

Now greedy ignorant "well meaning" evil people want to reduce plant life and chock it to death by lowering CO2?

The ONE thing that keeps us alive is vegetation.  Without it all life ceases.

CO2 is one of the MOST IMPORTANT LIFE given gases on our planet, and we are VERY low on CO2 according to science. REAL SCIENCE.

We need at min to increase CO2 by 300% in order for plants to grow, "breath" and flourish and increase oxygen to the planet. And only vegetation can FEED US,  purify the air and produce oxygen.

Imagine that there is no algae bloom in the ocean. That equals NO life in the ocean.  Algae, and plankton is the bottom food chain in the ocean.  It NEEDS a HUGE SUPPLY OF CO2 to produce food for all the fish in the ocean.  The entire food chain in the ocean starts with vegetation, just like our food chain starts with vegetation.  The oxygen the fish breath is produced by VEGETATION.

If the greedy "environmentalist" who are trying to take over the energy "commodity" are selling some crap science to you, you should realize that WHAT THEY ARE PUSHING is garbage science. AND it is very destructive to life on the planet.

They use FEAR and IGNORANCE of science to control your minds. That is pure evil. It is not your fault for wanting to see life go on, but why would you support something that DESTROYS life such as reducing CO2 to dangerous levels that would kill off all vegetation on earth?

We are low on CO2 at 461 PPM and it needs to be at least 1200 PPM for CLEAN AIR, and LESS TOXIC RADIATION FROM THE SUN.

We are verging on starving to death if the CO2 levels get below 150 PPM all life ceases.

We have a HUGE need for more CO2, NOT less!
It is the only way to preserve the health of the planet.

Why would you want to destroy any possibility of your grand and great grand children ever being able to live?

We already have a huge hole in the ozone layer. Why would you want it to be bigger and start burning people to death? 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015



It is very simple.  Greed and lust for power and money is a human disease. Those who have this disease inherited from their ancestors who had the same disease and passed it on to them.

It is a compulsive disease of weak modern degraded humans.

It does not matter who is in power, they will only concern themselves with maintaining that power. Power is an inherited degraded disease.

No human government has ever succeeded to overcome this human disease.  It is why we are fast approaching extincion unless God does what He promises.

The people who tell you they are for saving the planet, protecting the environment, and saving life on earth..ARE the ones who are destroying it.

One example is those disgusting wind generators and the sales pitch used on scientifically ignorant people.

All of the coal burning in the USA for a year (which is beneficial to life on earth proven by scientific studies) is not equal to the CO2 and toxic fumes put out by one forest fire in Africa or South America.

It is well known that these gases from burning organic matter, (like coal, which is organic matter turned to coal by pressure),  restores the forest by killing off fungus, killing off diseased plants, and allowing new growth. Then the rain drops the fertilizer from the air back on the earth to fertilize new plants.
The CO2 levels are way below where they were 10,000 years ago, when plants were flourishing.  Now according to farmers and botanists we need more CO2. (Pot growers know this and the pump in CO2 gas into their grow rooms.)
Even the head of the Greenpeace says we need more CO2 for plants and plankton.

The laws in the USA do not allow for new ownership of existing businesses, simply by stealing them. So when the Democrats took office they wanted to make some money. To increase their power.   The simplest way to make money is to create a new business and then convince the uneducated and poorly educated that there is some sort of environmental crisis caused by these evil coal burners.

Now we have a new business with all the owners being liberal socialist and communists, called wind generators and environmental industries.

Wind generators are horrible for the environment.  They destroy natural habitat for wildlife, Animals cannot sleep anywhere near them, and they kill birds by the millions, including the national bird the bald eagle. If I were to shoot a bald eagle it is $10,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison.  Yet these killing machines are allowed to do this with no fines and no punishment, because the government politicians and criminal socialists are making huge piles of money and the government is subsidizing this fraud.

It is engineering and science wise, completely stupid.  It is the most uneconomical/ most costly way to make electricity.  And they destroy the environment and take up precious habitat for wildlife.

Now when these ugly atrocities of engineering are broken, they are not sustainable.   By that time the greedy people will have their money and who gives a shit about the future.
These are machines that will break down and they will break down at a much more rapid rate than a single coal steam turbine will.
There will be millions of them sitting there doing nothing but killing birds. They are not sustainable by any economic structure.

And when a coal turbine breaks down it takes about on day to get it back running. And they have back ups.

They are also made of toxic chemicals, fiberglass and resins and use a hell of a lot more resources per KWH than a single coal powered generator.

Evil, greedy, lies are totally in control of the human populations.  These people have created a pandemic of STD's in the USA, are destroying the environment and destroying the economy all for the sake of short term riches.

Using people's emotions to sell garbage technology is disgusting.

It is like the snake oil sales people of the past.

The only thing good about this phenomenon is that it proves that the average person loves the earth and wants it to be "healthy".  They have no idea that what they support is actually destroying life.

Here is a video put out by NOVA that was a Liberal Communist mistake, because it clearly shows how beneficial burning organic matter is for life on the earth.

Monday, July 6, 2015

What is the Truth??

I am tested with an very high IQ , gifted. And I have been a scientist all my adult life. I have no arrogance just a complete and utter concern that humans are killing themselves and the planet in the name of greed.

The Truth has been taught out of students.   However, only a weak minded person would accept that "There is no truth, there is only (BS) theory".

"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character."

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."

"Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training."

"‘It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education."

Albert Einstein

"Education is a progressive discovery of ignorance."  William Durrant

The truth is what actually is happening, and what actually has happened, and what will happen.

When you understand the Truth it is easy to make scientific predictions based on all the evidence. This is why these morons came up with such anti'science as "random" as a cause. There is no random in the universe and there is no predetermination.

At any time humans decide to stop killing their babies this can be fixed.  But my prediction is that we will complete this downward spiral to extinction in a more rapid fashion, and all the evidence supports that.

When some fools tell you what science is as some sort of nebulous pile of disjointed concocted and irrelevant facts, and then remove the real meaning, "the study of the truth"  You know it is all about greed and protecting wealth.

Greed is the number one controlling factor in the USA for sure.  I have not seen any different in any other country EVER.  Greed power and control is a mental illness that afflicts the plutocrats. The fear of losing power and control and money is an absolutely horrible thing that owns them, obviously.  They suffer continually with the need for more and more and more until the day they die, and they pass this disease on to their offspring.

How about that Oral Roberts as an average example of megalomania, He extorted from his followers millions of dollars in a couple of weeks by saying that if he "didn't get this money, God was going to kill him."

His son recently extorted about 3 million from his fathers organization in order to maintain his lifestyle.

The politicians realized that coal was cheap and was not making them any money, so they invented the "CO2 fraud" and "global warming".

Coal is one of the cleanest burning fuels on the planet and it supports life. by putting natural organic chemicals in the air that feed the plankton in the sea, fertilize the soil and feed CO2 to plant life.  If you want to grow more food you need more CO2.  If you want more oxygen, plant trees and do more farming with more photosynthesis.

One forest fire in Africa or South America pus more raw chemicals and CO2 in the air than all the coal burning in the USA for a year. And it is a know fact that these forest fires are wonderfully good for life on earth.

So now we have these environmental disasters (wind generators) all over the landscape.  subsidized by the fear your evil government and plutocrats put in you.  They are making a huge pile of money from huge government subsidies that rape the public and put the US in more debt. Most of the money goes to China and the rest goes into politicians and investors in this crap science.

Animals cannot live near those disasters, because of the noise pollution.  They destroy natural habitat, destroy birds and kill Eagles.

If find it almost a symbol of the destruction of the USA to be killing the symbol of this country the Bald Eagle.   If I were to kill one it is 10,000 dollar fine, and 10 years in jail. But the "congress" approved the killing of Eagles in order to "save the planet".  What a crock of crap.

The solar steam tower in the desert of CA has killed about 50,000 birds so far and not one thing has been done to stop that carnage.

This is all because people are weak lemmings who have no scientific understanding.

According to Al Gore, when I lived in Holland I was underwater.  I found out that my computer works underwater!

In the last 18 years the global temperature has dropped over 1 deg. According to NOAA

Monday, June 1, 2015

Why were the Jews Told Laws?

Why were the Jews told to not eat pigs? 

The reason for the ban on Jews eating pigs is genetics. The Creator, knows how animals are made on the genetic level. The viruses in humans can be transferred into pigs because of similar DNA in pigs given pigs the same type of “host cells” as humans. The whole of the mosaic law is about clean genetics free from diseases that would harm the pathway for the Messiah to be born.
If you cultivate pigs, you get serious diseases that infect humans who have no natural immunity to them. The “swine flue” killed 100,000,000 people. Was that a good thing?
We are still cultivating pigs and still we get pandemic diseases today from it. These are facts. You cannot control the handling of pigs in China and how human virus is transferred back and forth, so most deadly pig virus comes from China.

I hope that answers your question.
According to all studies on eating any form of red meat it is bad for human health. It is a trigger for many of human genetic diseases.
Most of what humans do is controlled by emotions and those are the cause of addictions.  Pretty much everything we do that is hazardous to health is a compulsion or addiction.

There are a lot of animals humans should not cultivate nor eat.

The HIV /  AID's  epidemic is stated to have come from eating Chimpanzees.  I mean how stupid can humans be to eat the closest genetic creature to themselves on the planet.  Chimpanzees are nearly extinct have way more genetic diseases than humans are are sickly full of viruses we have no immunity to.  Humans are tremendously weak and sickly because of things like thinking it is OK to have sex with infected people. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

How People Learn To Believe in Nonsense

This is a very common theme with humans and all cultures.
I talk clearly about this on my videos;

The way it works is mass hysteria; your and your teacher's, degraded condition of weakness, makes you want to believe. All humans are proven by DNA studies to be genetically weaker than our ancestors. Once you profess your allegiance to this religion, in public or in school to your teachers and classmates, you are screwing yourself into a pile of lies that you keep perpetuating because, "you must" to save face (ego and pride of accomplishment from school) or to keep your paycheck if you teach this nonsense to children.

And you must surround yourself with other's (peer pressure is used every day on children) who are in the same condition of ignorance fed to you by the greedy owners of your country. It comes mostly from big businesses like oil companies, investments in big business large banks, Wall Street , and taxes controlled by politicians. If you trust any of those people with your kids you are really gullible.

Only stupid people, who fall for all the lies, don't realize this. Follow the money, see where it leads you. It leads you, ironically, right back to the very people that the fake "liberal" (extreme right wing fascist) universities teach are "bad" corporations that must be destroyed. It is a trap for you and your children to keep this degraded form of life going.   It is those corporations that are destroying all life on earth who pay to teach this political destructive to health crap. Are you really THAT ignorant? It is so obvious that only someone who is totally lost in this belief system cannot see this. This is why you should never vote, never let your children be raised by the state in state controlled (by laws they make up) institutions. Ever here of fascism? Don't think it is real? It is all about money and greed and nothing else.

The first thing they want you to believe is that these rich politicians, and greedy plutocrats who put this utterly disgusting, human emotional mental garbage in the universities are all about "protecting" you from some imaginary evil that will cause you to suffer and to lack fun in your life. (A religious ploy) That if you want to succeed and be a real "professional" you must bow down to honor them and to worship them, sort of.  Degraded human professors are "revered" in a sick society, and they have been since the wearing of royal robes has been used to fool people or  Pope put on the robes.  Never fall for people in gaudy hats and robes as if they are important and never bow down to any stupid human who is supported by a system of greed and lies.

 They are "nice" people there to help you learn and other crap used on children in ALL societies. They are there to "protect" your children, while they rape their minds and turn them into institutionalized corporate fodder.  Whoever owns the country owns the schools. This is why a uniform one form of thought process, education system is bad, that people need to take care of education on the city, county level and keep the big government away from your children.

That is a religion based on rotten greed and nothing else. They go after the children because it is the nature of greed to use whatever works to keep them rolling in money. Kings, Emperors, Dictators, have all used this method. In the old days they used the state owned religion to control the masses with dogma created to make lemmings out of the masses and make them pay taxes and to die willfully for the "king" if needed. After all the King was ordained by God to lead them!  Nothing has changed it has just gotten far worse.  It used to be less "evil" but still "evil".   Now it is clearly, obviously, disgustingly big time rotten Evil.  And evil has destroyed every type of "government" that humans have ever tried.  It does this without fail and it finds ways to make it happen, because the "money is so good" when you take so much from the masses.

If you know all this, it is possible to (as I have ) learn all they have to teach but never believe any of it until it is proven to you beyond all doubts from absolutely irrefutable physical evidence. One of the tools used to indoctrinate is to teach you that absolute evidence doesn't exist. How sick is that? This evidence is EVERYWHERE. It is in your body. It is in every animal, every rock, every fossil, every speck of air you breath or water you drink.  Just learn how it all fits together and you will be free to make your own way in this system without ever bowing down to some stupid greedy human.  And don't destroy yourself or your children and become them!

If you don't know this, and you believe in your government, you are just totally ignorant, naive and perhaps low intelligence.  If you are low intelligence then anything I teach will not stick, but the crap used in schools is designed to stick because they use what is known as "bumper strip" educational materials.   Short "religious slogans" repeated over and over and over until for some reason you believe them.

I figured this out a long time ago, when I was an a religion hater, because of the total hypocrisy of religious teachers, preachers, and priests, but it took time to realize the dept of the debauchery of what greed does to countries.  Only as system controlled by Jehovah God will ever work, because God knows EVERYTHING about us and does love us enough to help us out.

Your Evotard "hero" and religious saint who is worshiped by retards:  Carl Sagan recanted on his crap before he died. He died of a horrible genetic disease and that is funny irony and sad. He actually believed he was on the side of seeking the truth, but he was a pawn of those who paid his wages. And he never looked beyond the dogma of his religion to see what is actually going on until his wake up call, his eminent death. He realized that he did not know anything for sure and by the time he started on this path it was too late, death took him.

Humans are only degraded and full of diseases. We have never evolved and now we are degrading faster than ever from germ line mutations causing the rapid rise of genetically caused diseases. This is from people not being able to control clean reproduction.

When people realize that this is a lie, most of the time it is too late and they have already built up a life around lies and in order to maintain they must continue to support the lie to keep their job within this system of lies.

 Their first inclination, when confronted with the truth, (perhaps for the first time ever in their lives)  is to deny, then to deny and to deny,  and to seek help from all the other delusional people to "help" them to find the truth in their delusional state owned religion.

All these other retards (can only be retarded to believe the crap they do)  do is to repeat the meaningless crap over and over, the "religious slogans",  like the delusional mindless parrots they are. They have no idea what an original thought is and that is why they are only parrots of their education. They are taught that an original thought does not exist and they must follow the dogma of those who are so much smarter than them. "To stand on the shoulders of the giants of science" and other religious slogans.

"It is very difficult for the mentally degraded to understand and see the complexity of life in what they can only perceive with tiny brains as a mass of conflicting data, because that is the condition of most humans living in darkness of ignorance. They are forced to try to make opposing thoughts say only what they believe and that is a horrible level of fear and pain in that condition. That is why they are so angry and bitter and hate anyone who opposes their mental condition of delusions and fantasy. Grasping at fantasy is far easier for the stupid than to face any reality." 

They learn to cope by using "avoidance", "denial", "religion", "ideology" to quell the pain of ignorance. It is far better to only seek the Truth and avoid all human traps. My favorite painting from Bruegel shows the "Blind Leading the Blind" into a pit of death. That sums up the human condition of ignorance.
The reason why, most of the crap they teach you in school that you don't understand is because it is NOT UNDERSTANDABLE from evidence,  and these other fools pretend to understand it, by memorizing the religious slogans and repeating them over and over, It is all how  EGO, pride and people who need to feel important are. It is how this evil system works to own you and make you a slave. There is no evolution on this planet. The evidence shows this clearly.

I do wish you all well and that you find Jehovah God, not religion,  and get free from this system.  All I see is you suffering in this degraded system taking drugs, drinking alcohol, and doing all you can to cope, because you don't have any hope in this rotten system.  Most people by the time they are 40 start to realize that all the "stuff" promised to them does not exist, unless they get deeper into debauchery and learn to rape the public for money.   There is no hope and it is taken from you and they give you the hope of money then,  death to stop your suffering. What a "great gift" that evil gives people.  Emptiness and suffering.

Why not have the hope of life in the near future as promised in the Bible and get out of this system.

For those who want to be free of this system, Jehovah promises the absolute best form of life.  You just have to promise never to support death again as long as you live.

“The meek will possess the earth, and they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.”PSALM 37:11.

Revelation 21:3, 4

3  With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his people. And God himself will be with them. 4  And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more,neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.The former things have passed away.”

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Plague of the 1300's; by James Arjuna

It took the plague of the 1300's before people decided to read the rules for heath as spelled out in the ancient scriptures. We cleaned up a lot of diseases by doing that but they went too far "maybe" by killing people who had, bestiality, anal sex,  incest or adulterers. The best way to stop fetal mutations according to the CDC is to abstain from sex, or the only other option is a monogamous relationship with a non infected person. Basically, to respect the reproductive process and honor each other as humans not something to be used by each other and then thrown out.

That is exactly what the Bible and all ancient scriptures teach.

I wonder how many dead babies we have to endure before someone realizes we are on the wrong path by allowing genetic suicide in the name of "political correctness"?

I don't think it is humanly possible to stop this process of genetic suicide.

I have studied many personal cases of these genetic diseases and the suffering the baby goes through and what the parents have to endure just to get a few years of life for their child. It is very difficult to study this because, unless you are a heartless bastard, it must to have an effect on you.

The fastest rising death rate recently is in the 0 to 4 years old (that's if they live to be born). It is up by 4% in one year.

30% of wanted pregnancies in the USA end in fetal death and miscarriage from fetal mutations or diseases passed to the fetus.

Is this what you people really want, by selling this sick religion to your children?

They have absolutely no moral compass to protect their babies. Human "experts" claim there is no cause to our genetic death of humanity.  That is because they never look at real causes.

In Australia if a girl doesn't "give out sex" she is peer pressured and called a religious prude and not worthy of being acceptable as a human. The highest number of Chlamydia cases (and all STD's) are in young girls and women ages 14 to 24. This is because of the nature of the vagina and how you need to limit the pathogens you allow in it. Warm moist places with bacterial foods (like human tissue in the vagina) is where doctors cultivate pathogens in the lab as well.

Australia has 400% rise in Chlamydia in 10 years and a 229% rise in cancer cases in 25 years. Chlamydia is the perfect breeding ground of fetal mutations. Because it is not detectable for some years.

"We don't believe in making young girls and women into sluts and whores as being a "good" thing. We believe that women should be honored as the mothers of the future rather than the incubators of fetal mutants." JA

We can see in our DNA some 98,000 ERV's, which ARE remnants of germ line viral infections. This history of our suicide is right there easy to see.  Every time there is infected reproduction we pass on viral infections to our foundational reproductive cells. Virus enter these cells and destroy the original coding, mutate us and cause further damage to our DNA that is at the foundation of our life.

Every single of these 98,000 ERV's represent a viral infection at the germ line level of human reproduction. Germ line mutations are destroying humanity from the inside. We are destroying ourselves and all future human life, from the inside with these infections. The cause is our bad habits of spreading diseases by contact with people who have them. Not only that we give our to them and they share theirs with us. The most common way this takes place is by kissing, sexual contact, oral sex, Sharing food, or drink directly after an infected person eats.

The only way to stop this process it to stop the activities causing our genetic suicide.