Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scientific Data On The US Education System

Scientific Data on the Education System:

Please consider this video on leaning how to learn.

The USA is a prime example of the education system gone wrong. 

Percent of U.S. adults who can’t read
14 %
Number of U.S. adults who can’t read
32 Million
Percent of U.S. adults who read below a 5th grade level
21 %
Percent of prison inmates who can’t read
63 %
Percent of high school graduates who can’t read
19 %

 Consider this.  It is the law that a child in the USA must go to school and stay in school until 16 years old.  
How is it possible for every child being required by law to go to school and we have such a horrible set of statistics?  

So, the education system invalidates itself from these statistics.  It is not all worthless  but if they don't know how to teach someone to read and write, there is something really wrong with the methods. Or we are breeding morons who cannot learn, and that is a very strong possibility. 

You can see a strong correlation directly implied  to crime and people who can't read as well. 

What your teacher is trying to imply is that you should not be allowed to think outside of academia for some information as it may not fit the beliefs, methods and criteria they have established.  

I teach people to think for themselves and to study all facets of any subject from any place you can find information. Then verify that information for yourself and don't just accept authority  especially when that "authority" seems to be grossly failing to teach.

Consider that it is not just the teachers fault, but its a failing system, and if we keep going in this same direction it will continue to get worse. This is obvious.

I am sure teachers don't start out with the idea of failing to teach but the system used is not working. They are trying to do their best and I am assured of that.  You cannot just blame the teachers.   

The USA is now #28 in science in testing of college graduates even with PhD's.  

In 1969 USA engineers put man on the moon using slide rules and rudimentary computers.   This was done in the old fashioned engineering methods of design then testing and improve design then more testing. 

Now all physics and latest studies on physics and experiments are performed in Europe.

I think that we should reevaluate the teaching methods used back in the 1950's and 1960's when the USA was the top of all technology and do some testing on those methods. 

If you are a teacher, why would you disagree with this?  Do you not want to get to the bottom of this problem and seek solutions? 

I can remember going to school with students who were held back as much as 3 years because they simply did not get passing grades.  And we would have some really tall people in the classroom in 8th grade who were shaving.  I think the peer pressure and humiliation motivated them to get passing grades and some took summer school in order to catch up to their age group.  

Do they do this any more?  

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