Monday, June 1, 2015

Why were the Jews Told Laws?

Why were the Jews told to not eat pigs? 

The reason for the ban on Jews eating pigs is genetics. The Creator, knows how animals are made on the genetic level. The viruses in humans can be transferred into pigs because of similar DNA in pigs given pigs the same type of “host cells” as humans. The whole of the mosaic law is about clean genetics free from diseases that would harm the pathway for the Messiah to be born.
If you cultivate pigs, you get serious diseases that infect humans who have no natural immunity to them. The “swine flue” killed 100,000,000 people. Was that a good thing?
We are still cultivating pigs and still we get pandemic diseases today from it. These are facts. You cannot control the handling of pigs in China and how human virus is transferred back and forth, so most deadly pig virus comes from China.

I hope that answers your question.
According to all studies on eating any form of red meat it is bad for human health. It is a trigger for many of human genetic diseases.
Most of what humans do is controlled by emotions and those are the cause of addictions.  Pretty much everything we do that is hazardous to health is a compulsion or addiction.

There are a lot of animals humans should not cultivate nor eat.

The HIV /  AID's  epidemic is stated to have come from eating Chimpanzees.  I mean how stupid can humans be to eat the closest genetic creature to themselves on the planet.  Chimpanzees are nearly extinct have way more genetic diseases than humans are are sickly full of viruses we have no immunity to.  Humans are tremendously weak and sickly because of things like thinking it is OK to have sex with infected people. 

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