Monday, July 6, 2015

What is the Truth??

I am tested with an very high IQ , gifted. And I have been a scientist all my adult life. I have no arrogance just a complete and utter concern that humans are killing themselves and the planet in the name of greed.

The Truth has been taught out of students.   However, only a weak minded person would accept that "There is no truth, there is only (BS) theory".

"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character."

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."

"Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training."

"‘It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education."

Albert Einstein

"Education is a progressive discovery of ignorance."  William Durrant

The truth is what actually is happening, and what actually has happened, and what will happen.

When you understand the Truth it is easy to make scientific predictions based on all the evidence. This is why these morons came up with such anti'science as "random" as a cause. There is no random in the universe and there is no predetermination.

At any time humans decide to stop killing their babies this can be fixed.  But my prediction is that we will complete this downward spiral to extinction in a more rapid fashion, and all the evidence supports that.

When some fools tell you what science is as some sort of nebulous pile of disjointed concocted and irrelevant facts, and then remove the real meaning, "the study of the truth"  You know it is all about greed and protecting wealth.

Greed is the number one controlling factor in the USA for sure.  I have not seen any different in any other country EVER.  Greed power and control is a mental illness that afflicts the plutocrats. The fear of losing power and control and money is an absolutely horrible thing that owns them, obviously.  They suffer continually with the need for more and more and more until the day they die, and they pass this disease on to their offspring.

How about that Oral Roberts as an average example of megalomania, He extorted from his followers millions of dollars in a couple of weeks by saying that if he "didn't get this money, God was going to kill him."

His son recently extorted about 3 million from his fathers organization in order to maintain his lifestyle.

The politicians realized that coal was cheap and was not making them any money, so they invented the "CO2 fraud" and "global warming".

Coal is one of the cleanest burning fuels on the planet and it supports life. by putting natural organic chemicals in the air that feed the plankton in the sea, fertilize the soil and feed CO2 to plant life.  If you want to grow more food you need more CO2.  If you want more oxygen, plant trees and do more farming with more photosynthesis.

One forest fire in Africa or South America pus more raw chemicals and CO2 in the air than all the coal burning in the USA for a year. And it is a know fact that these forest fires are wonderfully good for life on earth.

So now we have these environmental disasters (wind generators) all over the landscape.  subsidized by the fear your evil government and plutocrats put in you.  They are making a huge pile of money from huge government subsidies that rape the public and put the US in more debt. Most of the money goes to China and the rest goes into politicians and investors in this crap science.

Animals cannot live near those disasters, because of the noise pollution.  They destroy natural habitat, destroy birds and kill Eagles.

If find it almost a symbol of the destruction of the USA to be killing the symbol of this country the Bald Eagle.   If I were to kill one it is 10,000 dollar fine, and 10 years in jail. But the "congress" approved the killing of Eagles in order to "save the planet".  What a crock of crap.

The solar steam tower in the desert of CA has killed about 50,000 birds so far and not one thing has been done to stop that carnage.

This is all because people are weak lemmings who have no scientific understanding.

According to Al Gore, when I lived in Holland I was underwater.  I found out that my computer works underwater!

In the last 18 years the global temperature has dropped over 1 deg. According to NOAA

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