Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wheat Grass and Science? What Gives?

There is a strong movement to eat wheat grass and use extraction methods to get the nutrients out because it is missing from our diet that we used to get from nature and our, now extinct, enzymes that would extract it in the past.

It is said that it improves blood and immune system and aids in the fight against cancer.

The wheat seeds are sprouted and when the grass is about 3 to 4 inches it is harvested then put in an extractor. The only way to use it is from fresh wheat grass and not from pills.



Since wheat grass is opposed to the medical industry's stranglehold on human "health", and they promotes such idiotic ideas that cancer is caused by nothing, that it is magical and they have no answers as to the rapid rise in cancer, that sheds serious doubts about their so called knowledge and what is their real motives.

When the medical industry is asked as to why there is a shorter lifespan now for women in the USA, they simple say, "We really don't know."

When asked about the extreme rise in leukemia in children, same answer; "We don't know the cause."

When the corporations are in control and money is the ruler of the "ruling" class of elites, this is the sort of crap you get. They can never "bite the hand that feeds them". If they were to say that social liberalism anti morals is bad, they would lose their jobs.
The USA is not allowed to teach any morals at all. Any teacher who would teach that it is against human nature (God's Laws on how we were made) to defile your body with STD's; that teacher would be fired.

When someone like me does extremely detailed research we can easily see the rise of cancer is directly related to the rise of fetal mutations. There are some 400,000 papers on the genetics of cancer alone. Cancer is a genetic disease and it is caused by deleterious mutations. The rapid rise of cancer is directly related to the drastic rise of STD's and diseased parents having viral infections at the time of conception.

There is only ONE WAY most all of these genetic diseases are caused from permanent germ line level mutations and that is from diseased parents having diseased babies.

"Fetal mutations are "germ line" mutations that cause permanent damage to the human genome. If it lives to reproduce you have more and more genetic diseases.

"The only mutations that matter to large-scale evolution are those that can be passed on to offspring. These occur in reproductive cells like eggs and sperm and are called germ line mutations. " UC Berkeley

Fetal mutations are 99% caused by viral infectious diseases at the time of conception.

"Mutation is a change in DNA, the hereditary material of life. An organism's DNA affects how it looks, how it behaves, and its physiology - all aspects of its life. So a change in an organism's DNA can cause changes in all aspects of its life." UC Berkeley.

The only measurement of evolution is at the molecular level, in DNA. All the other ridiculous beliefs projected on evidence is crap pseudo science.

Natural Selection destroys life.  Evotards think that you can crash your car into a tree, then if you crash it into another tree it will fix itself by the Evotard's imaginary fairy of positive selection. Eventually, if you smash the car enough it will get more advance and more complex. The more times you wreck it the more chances it will evolve into a truck. This is exactly how retarded their thinking process is.

It is far easier to "educate" a stupid person who cannot think for themselves. All the Evotards I have had discussions with very few even have the ability to think outside the tiny box of faith and belief in their "Education" (their religion from politicians and big business). They just all sound like parrots of ignorance and most do not know how to produce an original thought, much less even think there is such a thing as an original thought.

"What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right."
¯ Albert Einstein

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