Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chimpanzee and Human "Evolution".

 All of the evidence from Chimpanzees and Human studies only shows genetic degradation. The fusion of a chromosome is not a "good thing".   It is absolutely irrefutable physical evidence of a genetic defect.

The chimpanzee is nearly extinct. It has all the same diseases as humans or the primate version, has some estimated 160,000 deleterious mutations, can't live past 30 years in the wild with an average age of 15; has trouble reproducing and estimated 600 of them left in the wild. The rest are in guarded compounds.

Humans have some 100,000 clearly understood deleterious mutations and on average each human has 1000 deleterious mutations.

We gain an average of 20 deleterious mutations per generation. That seems to be rather "optimistic", considering the rapid rise of genetic diseases.

There is only genetic degradation shown in evidence. The chimp is not representative of a lower condition waiting to evolve into something better. It is perfect evidence of the path that humans are on of genetic suicide. Humans are not capable of managing health. They like spreading diseases and they seem to have no concern for the future of humanity.

Chimpanzees are clearly and OBVIOUSLY a message to us where we are heading.

At the present rate of mutations humans will for certain be extinct in less than 200 years. But with the fact that we cannot live without technology and the medical industry, as soon as our brain function drops just a little (not much left ) we will shorten the time because we will not be able to understand how to use technology at all. So, we may not last even 100 years.

Understanding technology enough to keep it going, and not even to advance it is needed for survival. I don't think that level of intelligence is going to last very long. We have pandemic mental illnesses, and 1 in 42 boys born with autism. 40% of high school seniors cannot read nor write and cannot do simple math.

The chimpanzee's first loss that limited them was intelligence and they only survive because they have strength and teeth left to eat and kill with.

You are either on the side of the truth, life, health (preserving what is left of human correctly coding genes), joy for living, or on the side of continued rapid destruction (from diseases) of the human species from mutations.

There is no gray area.
There is absolutely no evidence of any form of evolution showing any possibility of improvements.
Here is all the evidence we actually have on human degeneration:

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