Monday, December 16, 2013

What Is Really Going On In The World? by James Arjuna

This is a response to a fellow who thinks I care about this rotting world of disease, suffering and death, and want some prestige from those who are causing disease, suffering and death:

I want to thank you for your persistence. I appears that you are asking these questions because you are looking for reassurance that you are on the side of "good" and "science" etc.

Looking for the same type  of support you have used in the past to validate your "science" or religion. 

You are helping me to write my blogs so I can help others in your position to get free. 

All of your arguments are all about your needs and weaknesses. One can understand what controls people by their arguments. People's weaknesses are glaring in their arguments.

 About James Arjuna: 
I am nobody, nothing, I profess to be nothing. 
Other people call me the "teacher's teacher".
It just means that I do this because of how I am, not because I want to do this or need to do this, or make any money from this. In other words I don't do this for any reason other than what I call compassion for people's suffering condition. 

I would never want to be anything in this sick system of this world.  Politicians kill people, therefore I never support any political position unless they would support life, health and truth (not likely).  Professors destroy intelligence and create fodder for corporations: intellectual cripples.

If you need to be someone, it means you have to be propped up in order to feel OK or good  about yourself.  Your income, prestige, recognition and etc, is your measure of your worth.  How is that any good? 

*If you need prestige and praise, you are mentally ill*. It is a disease to need to be supported because of your internal weaknesses. Needing others to praise you is a weakness and sickness that seems to have no cure and people think it is normal or even worse “good” to be so needy.  It is the same with greed and money.  The more you seek money, the more money you want, and it becomes an endless pit of self destruction until they day of your death.   Most people die with all their delusions still owning them.

Being free means you need nothing, want nothing and are nothing to this world of delusions and suffering. You are free and content satisfied, and full of love. The Truth and wisdom is more valuable than gold. 

A seeker of the Truth doesn't participate in this system of evil degradation. ( or as George Carlin states the "freak show".)

It is a sign of weakness to succumb to stupid human authority and accept the HEMG (human emotional mental garbage) they teach you for the puny rewards and accolades you get. The system is clearly shown in my videos. This rotting system is designed to destroy you, and when you are no longer needed it spits you out, like a pile of garbage. 

All need to understand this principle of how the system uses weak people, props them up and uses them to support a political/economic/religious agenda. They brainwash students and offer "prizes" for caving in and becoming a good lemming, student, teacher, preacher, politician etc. They brainwash into thinking students are actually on the side of "good" or "right" or in religion "saved" (when that religion supports war, and that some country, race, or cultural "B.S." belief system is better than another). They surround you,with "like minded" weaklings, members of the cult and do everything they can to keep you from falling out of their "grace".

Then you hear and see praises on the TV news about "scientists" and crap like they are some sort of gods. They are idiots, as most humans are, controlled by mass hysteria and groping in the dark on subjects that really matter to the survival of mankind.  The level of ignorance in "life sciences" is beyond most people to understand just how stupid they are.  You would have to study medical, genetics, paleontology, and such to understand just how stupid academics are. 

The stupid people run the universities and the government now and they are so stupid now, it is almost funny the political religious garbage beliefs they have. (Save the whale, but spread STD's like whores and whore mongers. Destroy all the future lives of humans with fetal mutations. Spread diseases like crazy, because it is "good" to do so according to these "experts". )

In the mean time we can see the rapid decay with diseases and illiteracy all over, and you cannot tie the data together because most academics are extremely fearful of the truth about themselves.

To be a "professor", for most humans who go that route, means you are weak and stupid.  The higher level you go the narrower the field becomes. This is on purpose, so that you can never know enough to cause problems for the rich elites.  You caved in to political garbage in order to get propped up by your screwed up society; paycheck, and to be called "doctor". No matter how "high" you go in society, has nothing in common with your worth as a human.  In most cases the higher you go, the more damage you do to others. 

It is that fear that trapped you in the first place, and it is that fear that owns you now. 

A person who only seeks Truth and Wisdom never joins any groups of greedy needy humans, never seeks to be recognized, never wants to be anything. Yet their needs are always taken care of and they just want the human emotional mental garbage (also called SIN), the cause of suffering to be removed.

The less fear you have the less it limits you, in all ways. You are in a system that feeds you just enough crumbs to keep you under control and uses your fear of loss, imprisonment, etc, to own you. It is well established what professors are and how to control them to fit the established political agenda.  It has always been this way, as long as humans rule over other humans. 

Ecclesiastes 8:9

All of this I have seen, and I applied my heart to every work that has been done under the sun, during the time that man has dominated man to his harm.

A person who seeks the Truth only does that which follows absolutely irrefutable physical evidence. They are never concerned with "magical" ideas without evidence. The magical ideas people seem to like, sound like some safe ideology that fits with human weaknesses. 

To have a Nobel prize to me is a degradation. I do not want any association with mass murderers (creating more ways to kill), and people who produce poison drugs, or those who work for big pharma, or any of these evil industries. Hitler got nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, for crying out loud!

As Einstein put it: "Technological progress is like an ax in the hands of a pathological criminal."

Most of the uses for science is to kill people and to gain political power. That is why academia is controlled by the politicians of the time. With a history of murder and selling poisons as patented drugs, why would anybody ever listen to academia?

I am very happy that I never fell for the human weaknesses of being needy and wanting anything from this world. I learned from my parents and from observation that humans are screwed up and you should never follow any of their screwed up agendas.  My mother and father both taught me to never believe anyone on anything, no matter how many accolades and "prizes" they have won.   No matter who they are.  

Desires are a disease. Lust is a disease, Greed is a disease, Hate is a disease, Most religions support mental illnesses and fantasy as does Evodelusionism.  Religion has been the control mechanism for a long time. Now it is not "politically correct" and the "new agenda" needs a scapegoat to hide reality from the lemmings.  The Church has always been the control mechanism to get you to go and kill other Christians for "god and country".  It used to be to go "rape, pillage and murder for the king or emperor" or you will rot in some fictitious hell forever.  If you don't do what the "god ordained" king tells you, you will suffer forever in a fiery hell.  Any religion teaching "hell fire" is evil.

There is only one true Christian congregation and the clue is they will go to prison rather than to go against God's teaching. 

True science is a way to find the Truth. Believing in fairy tales of magical processes and mystical causes is nonsense. It is the foundation of the religion of Evodelusionism. 

Being accredited by a university supported by evil is not something to be proud of. It is something to avoid, if you really want freedom, contentment, joy for life, satisfaction and peace, knowing that you did not harm others.

If you support or teach any of the political agendas of your politicians you are blood guilty of committing "sins" against life. 

As soon as someone tells me they have a degree in one of the fake sciences like paleontology, biology, and genetics, I question their sanity and ask them questions to see if they got through that mess of delusional crap, and not believed the fantasy nonsense. Most don't make it.  This is, in itself, evidence of the degradation of humans to be so easy to fall for nonsense out of fear and political controls. 

You can learn all that humans have to offer and NOT take on the HEMG beliefs if and only if you are prepared and understand how to learn without succumbing to (protecting yourself from) delusional garbage.  HINT:  If there is no irrefutable absolutely clear evidence for some idea, then it is garbage science.

In my videos I talk about this.

And on this page of the realty science blog on Evodelusionism religion being pawned off as "science".

Ignorance of what I teach is a problem for most people in academia today. The schools are chock full of political agendas to the point of cracking as we can see from the high numbers of functionally illiterate people in the USA and other countries. Germany has 7% completely illiterate people who got through their school system. The USA has 14% functionally illiterate, can't read nor write. And 21% cant read above 5th grade.

Why are you part of this rotten system of political control for greed?  

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